How to Make Gray Hair Smooth and Shiny?

Gray hair is progressively popular and is considered a sleek and fashionable style that you’ll want to show off with pride irrespective of your age. We are here to help bring out the natural beauty in gray hair, there are countless hair care options from nutritious treatments to toning shampoos, conditioners, and low-commitment color products but let’s understand how to make gray hair smooth and shiny by following this guide.

Keeping gray hair looking lovely, cheerful, and shiny for your clients needs you to know which products and techniques are finest suited for each person that comes into your salon. Below, we’re covering the top approvals for hair professionals.

There are numerous factors that can distress a client’s overall hair quality, particularly if it’s naturally gray. It’s important to take a close look at your client’s hair when deciding on the finest type of service to deliver.

Moreover, you’ll also want to take some time to discuss their hair goals, current routine, and past treatments. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main factors to pay care to when working with gray hair.

How to Make Gray Hair Smooth and Shiny?

How to Make Gray Hair Smooth and Shiny

Gray hair needs special attention and professional care to help keep it from appearing dull, dry, or lackluster. With a few easy tricks and the right products, it’s conceivable to keep those gray tresses looking bright and glossy.

If you want to know more about making grey hair bright and shiny then read this article carefully.

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What are the ways to make Gray Hair Soft and Shiny? 

  • Use a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Gray hair needs a different shampoo and conditioner routine than fully pigmented strands. While you might have once chosen products based on your hair’s unique needs—for example, volume or anti-frizz.

You’ll probably want to switch to something that can add moisture. Gray hair inclines to lose its skill to stay hydrated as the hair follicle harvests less sebum as we age, resulting in a dryer, more coarse feeling texture, says Gregory Patterson, celebrity hairstylist and DIY professional for Sally Beauty. Because of that oiling and softening shampoos and conditioners are always suggested.

  • A Color Correcting Shampoo

Hair goes gray when it’s lost its color and when it loses pigment, it’s easy for it to become discolored. Think of a white T-shirt: the more you wear it, the less stiff and clean it becomes, says Brandie Devillier, platform educator at the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute.

A similar thing occurs to our gray hair pollution, hard water, and even too much sun can source it to become lackluster. To reverse that, you need to use a color-correcting shampoo a few times a week.

The finest one to look for is purple because it’s the reverse of yellow on the color wheel, it can “help to keep gray hair from yellowing and allow white hair to continue white and lively,” says Cindy Marcus, a professional hairstylist in Las Vegas and editor-in-chief of Latest Hairstyles. A purple conditioner can also support this process; be sure to follow the directions on the bottle.

  • Nurture Your Scalp

A healthy scalp income healthy trees. Hair produces from the hair follicle out, so nurturing your scalp and roots is just as significant as the hair that you see, says Patterson. One of his favorite kinds of products is a scalp scrub. This supports your skin cells’ turnover and helps to keep your scalp skin loose he says. 

His other favorite kind of product is scalp oil. As we grow old, we produce less sebum, or oil, which is where hair gets guard and hydration indeed, he explains. So, as we lose it, we have to replace it with hair to maintain its ‘youthful’ glow and texture. He recommends The Mane Choice Multivitamin Scalp Nourishing Growth Oil.

Massage a few drops into your scalp each day. In the morning, you need to use a natural bristle brush to move the product through your mid-lengths and the ends of the hair to mimic the natural protection of scalp sebum, he advises.

  • Add a Gloss

A hair gloss is a hush-hush pro top-secret for achieving salon-fresh strands. Think of this as the clear top coat to your manicure or the lip gloss to your lipstick, says Patterson. It enhances an extra dose of pop. Luckily, you can apply a gloss at home, too. Patterson notes there’s minimal room for error because it’s clear.

  • Wash less often

Gray hair tends to be drier and more hard than fully pigmented strands, and an everyday wash schedule can exacerbate the issue. “Our hair needs the natural oils our scalp grows to look glossy and healthy,” says Marcus. “Washing too much can slip your hair off these essential oils.”

Maximum people with gray hair can get away with washing their hair once or twice a week; if your hair is shrill or fine, Marcus advises washing it at most every other day.

What are the Essential Shine Products for Grey Hair? 


For your gray-haired customers, we commend Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ as a complete salon essential. Now extending beyond neutralization and toning, our exclusive in-salon service for cosmetic natural gray hair is perfect for removing brassiness while softly toning it. 


Hair that is certainly gray needs a well-formulated serum to support keeping the ends looking healthy, such as RE/START™ Hydration Anti-frizz Moisturizing Drops. This long-lasting, leave-in serum supports tame hair while locking in moistness and improving hair polish and softness. 


To aid reveal silky and shiny gray hair, you can use a shine spray like our Style Masters™ shine spray GLAMOURAMA™. This quick-drying, lightweight hairspray carries a touch of glamorous shine to gray hair, while also serving to preserve color. 

  • FOAM

If you wish to style gray hair with the soft texture of foams, we endorse PRO YOU™ The Toner Neutralizing Conditioning Foam to aid neutralize unwanted warm undertones. Particularly formulated for blonde, bleached, and gray hair, this product works miracles as a leave-in product. 


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